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Is there anything that affects our daily lives more than the weather? At any time, and less or more subtly, what we do and what happens around us depends on the weather. However it is one of the factors that is most difficult to predict; How many things would change if we knew exactly how the weather will be tomorrow? ... And in a week? and next summer? What weather forecast is safer to trust? In ClimaLab we evaluate what forecasters say and try to improve their predictions using Artificial Intelligence.



The best forecasts: Every day we look at the forecast, but who should we believe? In BerecoLabs we compare forecasts with the respective measurements and tell you who gets it right more often.


The climate is changing in space and often may not be sufficient to have a data only for a large metropolitan area. In this Lab we zoom in over the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires and and see some georeferenced forecasts.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and better forecasts: In this Lab we show some results of IA's BerecoLabs algorithms in their quest to predict more accurately monthly temperatures.


New York is the most populous city in the United States. However has a relatively harsh climate with cold winters and hot, humid summers. In recent years, records show an increase in extreme events such as heat waves, polar waves, above average rainfall and hurricanes. Can we predict these extreme events?


What is it hidden behind infinite numbers? Is it possible to generate new forms of knowledge from large databases? What are the preliminary steps to explore on the paradigm presented by Big Data and the science of data?