The Game

Game Dynamic Image

What we propose here is a simple dynamic game aimed at testing the planning ability of users.

We framed a simple structure of the RMN transportation systems through SD modelling. This methodology allows us to consider the feedback structure typical of complex system and its effects both in short and long-term (for example building a new road could bring benefits in terms of time to travel in the short term, but in the long run it can have the opposite effect due to the bigger number of people choosing travelling by car).

In this game the player may choose between different transportation policies and see the effects these will have in terms of travel mode choice and attractiveness of territory. The goal is to maximize the overall score given by the set of economic, social and environmental indicators provided. Therefore maximizing economic indicators not caring about the social or environmental ones, will not allow the user to get a good score (for example proposing policies which reduces time to travel but increase pollution over a certain limits).

The score ranges from 0 to 10, the player should try to maximize it. There are no constraints in investment decisions. Like that, a player can try different combinations of investments and observe how the total score and its composition (economic, social and environmental indicators) change.

The bigger the overall score is, the ‘smarter’ and more attractive will be the territory. Through the attractiveness we can finally expect some results in terms of increasing centrality of the RMN.

The players will learn how different investments may contribute to an improvement of the system and how. Also the player will be acknowledged about how different measures can be combined in order to improve territory attractiveness.



The game is available on Forio website. Basically the player has seven investment options: three concerning RMN-CABA mobility; two concerning mobility within RMN and two that influence both kind of mobility.

The overall score is given by a set of indicators. Particularly we have two economic indicators


two social indicators


and one environmental indicator


Also the score is influenced by an ‘effectiveness indicator’ which give us a measure of the trade-off between amount of money invested and result achieved.

In the matrix that follow we provided a simple description of the investments the player may undertake and the consequence of each of those. Also we indicate in which of the previous indicators the different investment may have an impact.